Surprising & Delighting Glasgow's West End

Kained Holdings had ideas higher than our RogueOne painted clouds; we bring you, The Kelbourne Saint. Famed for that infamous Begbie pint-throw in Trainspotting, the refurbished church community hall has seen it all - but not quite everything. The Kelbourne Saint presents family dining in a family style with our massive rotisserie - a sight not to be missed! Get creative, get indulgent and get messy with mix and match sides all brought together for the whole family to enjoy.

The stand out feature? Our personal beer tank filled to the brim with Apache Pilsner brewed exclusively for Kained at WEST Brewery. The best kept secret? Our spacious back garden, complete with kids’ play area, deck chairs and heated huts. Really, we have something for everyone. So head down and see what we’ve got for you!